Improving the design of flexible and responsive manufacturing systems involving autonomous Collaborative Robots (CoRoT)

Funded by the European Commission Interreg France-Channel-England Program

Project Budget: € 3,902,330

ERDF Amount: € 2,672,341

December 2016 - November 2020

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With the average productivity of SMEs falling in both the UK (12%) and France (2%) our latest project, named CoRot, aims to develop new autonomous robot technology to help improve the competitiveness of SMEs in the Channel area.

CoRot will develop innovative and affordable robot software and hardware that is focused on the needs and budgets of smaller businesses. SMEs often face issues such as large variances in volume and short deadlines, and the automated robotic systems and software developed by the CoRot project will allow SMEs to become more flexible and responsive to this type of demand.

This is an important step in improving the competitiveness and productivity of SMEs, as existing industrial robots on the market are often seen as being too expensive and too complex for smaller businesses to implement into their production processes.

The new systems will be trialled in six industrial workshops (3 in France, 3 in the UK) where the project will aim to improve productivity in these trials by as much as 30%. After the project has ended a combination of software packages, a low cost robot arm and training guides will be made readily available to SMEs.


This project aims to provide to manufacturing companies, especially SMEs, innovative and affordable technological solutions (collaborative and modular mobile robots), digital tools for flexible manufacturing and transitic systems and associated knowledge to improve their competitiveness.

The following results would be generated during the project:

  • The design for an open and modular mobile robot platform
  • Three software libraries for different robotic functions (localisation and movement; picking; distributed communication and intelligence)
  • A software package for integrated manufacturing system control and simulation
  • 50 businesses cooperating with research institutions through industrial workshops and pilots.

The CoRoT Solution

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